Easy And Helpful Moving Tips: How To Safely Pack And Move Glassware
12 Jun
June 12, 2020
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3Moving may be risky for your glasses, cups, and goblets yet having the right information as for how to protect your glasses while in transfer you will manage to get them to your new household safe and sound.

Glassware is fragile and delicate making every little transfer dangerous. Even inside the house glassware is possible to suffer damage if you don’t take some precautions in order to make sure that you won’t drop or break your glasses and caps. Most people own impressing and expensive crystal glasses the loss of such pieces could not only be costly but also hurt sentimentally. When it comes to moving, you are trying to do your best with a view to thoroughly protect your glassware but much to your displeasure you finally find your glasses broken inside the boxes while unpacking.

Here in Move & Relocate Dubai, we have some advice for you. In the next few lines, you will find some helpful moving tips so as to help you protect your glasses while moving. The key for a safe move is thorough preparation and careful carriage thus purchase the right tools and materials, follow our plan, and be sure that your move will be as smooth and safe as possible.


Careful preparation will be your ally if you want to have your glasses moved in one piece. Unless you achieve thorough packing a lot of damage is likely to occur even inside the boxes. For this reason, you need to be extremely meticulous and attentive while packing your glassware.

To begin with, the best possible way to achieve safe packing for your glassware is to place them inside a divided box. You can easily find these boxes in the stores or borrow them from friends that moved recently. Alternatively, you can ask a local liquor store to give you some of the boxes used to ship bottles. Once you have accumulated the material needed you can start preparing the items to be moved. Given that the divided boxes allow you to move the glasses in “cells”, your glassware will be moved safely so you only have to wrap each item in paper or newsprint and then place them in boxes. Once you have the box filled with the items to be moved mind to fill any dead space with packing material so as to keep everything in place while in transit. Secure with sticky tape and mark the box writing “fragile glassware”.

Furthermore, if you don’t manage to find divided boxes you can just follow our plan and make divided boxes for yourselves. Take a small or medium box and measure the length and width of the inside. Take some pieces of hard cardboard and using a paper-knife cut half of the cardboard in lanes as much as the length of the box and the rest as much as the width of your box (10-15 cm high). Using scissors cut half of the width of the longer lanes equidistantly and place them alongside in the box, notches upwards. Mind to leave enough space to fit glass, cup, or goblet between the lanes. Normally for a small box, you can put two lanes in parallel but if you are negotiating a bigger box you can place even more. Then take the shorter lanes and place them perpendicular to the parallel inside the box, note with a pen the points adjoining the notches, and cut the smaller lanes half-width accordingly.

Place the shorter lanes perpendicularly to the parallels inside the box notches downwards creating cells and your divided box is ready. Finally, if you don’t have divided boxes in hands or if you don’t want to make it by yourselves you can fit your glassware in small boxes as follows. Take a small box and secure the bottom with tape. Then place the box in a smaller one and fill any empty space with packing material. This way you protect your glasses from breaking because of weight or in case of a drop.

Wrap each item in newsprint minding to line the inside. Nest one glass inside another and so forth till you nest three or four glasses and place them in boxes. Once the box is filled with nested glasses cover the empty space with bubble wrap and secure with tape. Mind not to overpack the boxes so as to avoid breaking. Label each box and remember not to fit heavy boxes on top of the ones with glassware if you have to store them, otherwise, you will have damages from the weight.


This plan is ideal to protect your glasses and cups while moving. Following our advice, you will be in the state to guarantee a safer move and also be prepared in case of an accident. Nonetheless, even so, there is a lot to do which means that a lot of time and effort should be devoted in order to achieve the most of your move. In case that you still find the endeavor difficult and demanding or if you don’t have the time needed to get properly prepared mind the option of professionals. To this point, a cheap and helpful Furniture Removalists Company would be there to undertake not only the transfer but also the preparation of your move. Have a man and a van to help you and save time, money, and the most important stress and effort and be sure that your move will be as easy as walking!

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